I am Social Networking platform developed to serve as a platform to enhance Public Participation by being available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 364 days a year.

For better ease of communication, I am ward based. Enabling residents of a particular ward to post updates about events and news happening in the ward, at the very same moment they occur.

Images, video clips and audio files can be uploaded to depict a clear image of what is happening, users are also able to share private messages amongst each other.

Through me, the Municipality can:

  • Monitor events happening in every ward in real time,
  • Be informed of possible protests by analysing user updates and frustration,
  • Be able to act quickly to service delivery cries by the public,
  • Create surveys to monitor and track impact of programs and events,
  • Rate and monitor Ward Councillor influence and standing amongst constituency,
  • Provide electronic documents,\
  • Post about updates and Municipal notices including emergencies, i.e water cuts, electricity cuts and extreme weather

Residents will further be able to:

  • Update about events and stories whilst they are occurring,
  • Communicate with Ward Councillor on a public platform,
  • Voice opinions and comments,
  • Share stories with other residents.

This platform will also cater for residents that reside outside of their hometown due to work or school, they will be informed. Furthermore, local businesses will be able to market their services and products at affordable prices whilst also being able to monitor consumer trends.

Basic functionality of this platform is endless, updates will be uploaded frequently to ensure unique user experience and maximum benefits to both Municipality and residents.